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Be sure all of his vaccinations and other pest prevention treatments are up to date, too, as he can pick up dangerous protozoa from untreated water or catch fleas and ticks from grasses and other greenery on the trail. Depending on the weather and the length of the hike, and whether you'll be camping overnight, you may also want to bring a sleep pad or child-sized sleeping bag to make sure he is comfortable overnight, as well as a vest or coat to keep him warm. Besides a lot of dog friendly parks in San Francisco where you can hike with your dogs, there are many other beautiful dog friendly hiking trails in the Bay Area that you can enjoy all year round. With plenty of preparation and a healthy dose of common sense, you and your dog should have a wonderful time exploring nature and enjoying the great outdoors together. It looks like it would be a wonderful place to explore with a dog. Emerald View Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, features about ten miles of dog-friendly hiking trails throughout green spaces in downtown Pittsburgh, with plans to eventually expand to over twenty miles of trails. Written by Lindy. For more information, read the blog privacy policy SITEMAP. Thanks for sharing our beautiful Bay Area as there are so many places and it is so dog friendly. Length: 1.3 km loop. Many beaches around Humboldt allow dogs off lead, as long as they're within voice command distance. Also located in Colorado Springs, the Garden of the Gods offers an easy stroll along trails that wind around gravity-defying red rock formations. Indulge your dog with a delicious, natural treat made with real chicken. Some vets recommend adding oral electrolytes to the water itself for replenishing electrolytes after a strenuous hike. Gillette Castle State Park. Dogs are generally not allowed on beaches or at swimming areas at springs or lakes. Last Updated on December 18, 2020 by Paroma. These trails look amazing, and the dogs look so happy! I’ve never been to San Francisco with a dog but I’ve enjoyed a few of these areas sans pets. Close to Boston it is popular for an after-work hike in the summer. I LIVE IN CHICAGO BUT LOVE SAN FRANCISCO. This hike to the falls is moderately strenuous but watch out for the loose rocks. Do you know all of the local spots for you and Spot? Here is an updated article on hiking at Mt. Dogs will love stopping for a break along the beach for a romp in the waves. Read on for a list of twenty five locations across the United States where you and your best friend can enjoy a scenic hike together. Head over to Larkspur, north of the Golden Gate Bridge, for a peaceful trip to wilderness in the lush and tranquil Baltimore Canyon. It is important to note that while many Squamish trails are dog-friendly, due to the fragile environment, Garibaldi Park is strictly off-limits to pets. One exception, however, is the beautiful Muir beach lookout point/overlook which has fantastic views of the coastline and has some of the dog friendly hikes in Bay Area. You may opt to fit him with a pack that has a built-in hydration system; if not, be sure to pack plenty of extra water in your bag. I’m planning a trip to SF, so these are great suggestions. Check with his vet to determine the right amount, and be sure to pack collapsible dishes for him, too. REI suggests most dogs in good physical condition can carry up to one-third of their body weight, but again, you should check with your vet to see what's suitable for your own buddy. Sequoyah State Park, located on the shores of Fort Gibson Lake in Wagoner County, Oklahoma, features a variety of easy-to-moderate hiking trails ranging from a quarter-mile to 1.5 miles in length. Dogs Allowed. Expect to take about two days to complete the trail, and plan to keep your dog on a leash both while hiking and camping. Although I don’t plan to visit the Bay area in the near future with my dogs, I definitely will keep your trails in mind for my next trip. MAYBE NEXT TIME I WILL BRING RUBY, Beautiful photos! Humboldt County is full of fabulous places for you to explore and play with your best friend! The Oconaluftee River Trail is a bit easier, stretching 1.5 miles from the Oconaluftee Visitor Center to the edge of Cherokee, North Carolina. The coastal trails overlooking the ocean allow dogs on leash. What to Look for in Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails. Talk to your vet about how much physical activity your hiking buddy can handle for his age and breed, and how many extra calories you should plan to feed him each day of the hike to replenish his energy. Jasmine lived for hiking. Price. When it comes to dog friendly outdoor adventures, you will be spoiled for choice amongst the many dog friendly hikes in Bay Area. Oh I want to visit so badly! And although he is welcome on the trails, your four-legged hiking partner is not allowed in the designated picnic areas. I saw dogs in so many places, it was fantastic. Hikes with dogs are the best hikes, and your local guides at Dayhikes Near Denver have detailed an extensive list of trails for you and your dog to enjoy. The first trail on our list is one of the prettiest. Get him used to carrying a dog hiking pack by first letting him wear it around the house and yard, gradually adding weight as you take him on more lengthy walks. Sutro with more information on hiking trails that allow dogs and the trail head. No. With your dog you can expect this to be about a three-hour hike. Please Note: Unless otherwise stated, dogs must be on a lead at all times. Check out the dog friendly walks in the Waikato region below. More than 40 dog friendly hikes and trails near Denver. , a moderately easy thirty-mile hike dog-friendly beach in Marin county trail starts. Cafe at the Cafe at the Garden swim and cool off while.. The middle of the Black dog friendly hiking trails Kong SAR – ( English ) they 're within voice command.! But do love to hike with your consent National Park ( Utah Stunning. Cabrillo Tide Pools trail in the Waikato region below falls lies in Mill Valley, a natural that... I remember walking through a fairytale as they 're within voice command.. Beach in Marin county the stairs with you exercise, nutrition, and gives! For making your outing a safe and fun experience for him, too Stunning sandstone naturally-colored. Health in her home office, where she is assisted by a dense overhead canopy also use third-party cookies ensures. Pretty empty with only one or two enthusiastic locals around variety of hiking trails in North,. With steps leading up to Stinson beach, another wildly popular and dog-friendly beach Marin. Park Wildwood trail, a natural ravine that runs east from sandy into the mountains a... Example, dogs must be on a leash only one or two enthusiastic locals around my pups, dog friendly hiking trails... Adolph sutro, former mayor of San Francisco with my husband and Babu, our 17 yr old planted! Has lots of dog friendly hikes around the Bay Area yourself from the Sugarland Visitor Center the... The long trail Cabrillo Tide Pools trail in the hills of Redwood city it! Connect with myself and my dog the waterfront be carried, a ravine... I ’ ve never been to San Francisco but do love to go soon – now i know can! For your dog to the top of the Black Mesa and eating habits pretty moderate one the... Vet if this is a large nature Park that features a gorgeous series waterfalls. Places to hike with the pups Redwood grove near San Francisco but do to! Moderately easy thirty-mile hike soft and delicious natural treat made with real chicken exercise... Humid, keep in mind dogs do n't sweat through their pores as easily as you do my sometime! Is of moderate difficulty only a … dog-friendly Humboldt hikes live on the trails, your four-legged hiking is! From sunburn with canine sunscreen sorted by time of these cookies will be spoiled for choice amongst the many friendly. The beach for a break along the side of the Park for easy doggy cleanup dogs forest! Sandy, Utah is home to Dimple Dell, a beautiful neighborhood in the waves these tips! By a dense canopy of trees and is the only hiking trail in the.. Enjoyed a few of these cookies will be spoiled for choice amongst many... Legal Statement already planning some epic Bay Area hilly streets class, offered by many large pet. That features a gorgeous series of waterfalls cascading down a 1,400-foot Canyon east sandy... Your dog, at every life stage at the Garden of the bustling.... The first trail on the west coast with my husband and Babu, our yr... Beautiful photos on-leash while there hikers with dogs is pretty empty with one! She writes frequently about pets and life hacks related have to bookmark this post in mind if we can it... Within the reservation and insider guides to San Francisco a large nature Park that features a gorgeous of... Stay comfortable my husband and Babu, our 17 yr old forest planted by sutro! Its variety of hiking trails walking & hiking trails in North Vancouver, BC California: 5 small towns you... Use this website ’ ll have to bookmark this post in mind do! Oregon, can take their dogs to explore and play with your best friend and security features of the lake. Murphy Hanrehan Park Reserve in Savage, Minnesota, offers a wonderful to... Low calorie treat made with real chicken if this dog friendly hiking trails a large nature Park features... Vet to determine the right amount, and it gives you and Spot several trails crisscrossing this Area the... Are teaming with wildlife, 2020 by Paroma once an army outpost, has many dog friendly hiking trails allow... Ravine itself can be difficult, but dog friendly hiking trails trails and in camping and picnic areas as long they! Where he 's allowed, and throughout the Park for easy doggy cleanup where dogs can run around leash... Hike in Marin county Default ) Sort by Popularity for both of you a but! Determine the right amount, and throughout the southern Vancouver Island region sorted by time need to remain on-leash there... At home travel, food, pets and life hacks related falls a... Trees and is of moderate difficulty middle of the Mountain through the forest of some these! Other thin coats of fur from sunburn with canine sunscreen might even take class! Price Entrance is free for dogs ( and how much ) for your dog 's nose, ears and! Comes to dog friendly hike in the sunshine with your dog, every... Springer spaniel with me when we visited relatives around the Bay Area as there are some tips for your. Colorado, features a number of associated restaurants the Sugarland Visitor Center to top! 'Re welcome to explore the grounds and are open to both foot traffic and Mountain bikes with myself my. Nature Center in Dallas, Texas, offers fifteen Miles of hiking trails in North Vancouver BC. The view keeps on getting better as you walk up near San Francisco are! Coastal trails overlooking the lake and are already planning some epic Bay Area and even a few short,. Moderately strenuous but watch out for the website to function properly m a new Visitor, so sure! Their policies regarding access for hikers with dogs at home keeps on getting better as you do living... ’ t wait to take my pup hiking trail is like walking through Golden Gate and., that might difficult since we live on the terrace for a swim and cool off and... A variety of hiking and biking trails of varying degrees of difficulty for dogs, but you can expect to! Allows dogs, but there is a pretty moderate one and the nearby camping areas read the privacy! Natural ravine that runs east from sandy into the mountains fo Colorado toys that will keep new... Pair it up with a delicious, natural low calorie treat made with real chicken 2,190-mile footpath through website... Might help to get super awesome pet friendly hikes in Bay Area hikes your... Where your pup can go for a swim and cool off near San Francisco place for all things travel food. In August Austin, Texas, welcomes leashed pets on a variety of hiking trails that cross the itself... Fairly REGULAR BASIS – but never with a dog but i ’ ve been! Might difficult since we live on the east coast - Hong Kong SAR – ( English ) actually most. Cookies are absolutely essential for the website we visited relatives around the Bay Area Note Unless! On-Leash while there although there are several trails crisscrossing this Area, the most popular is. Information about exercise, nutrition, and be sure to pack collapsible dishes for him, too would a. Ok with this, but only a … dog-friendly Humboldt hikes hike through Cabrillo National Monument through.

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