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BRILLIANTÉ Crystal Chandelier Cleaner Manual Sprayer 32oz Environmentally Safe, Ammonia-Free, Drip-Dry Formula, Made in USA (1) 4.3 out of 5 stars 768 $21.25 $ 21 . The rust would cover the dust. And when they work just as well as store bought, I feel like I’m sticking it to the man. Thanks for the new cleanser recipe! Spray drip and dry cleaners. I can’t believe that is somebody reading Karen’s blog who doesn’t know who Bob Vila is. Home » Tips » Spray On Crystal Chandelier Cleaner. Everything is better once it’s distilled. Copyright © 2020 The Art of Doing Stuff. Hand-wash the crystal in lukewarm water, using mild dish soap. We used to purchase it at the hardware store. That is retail theft for which you could be prosecuted. Also totally convinced me of never owning a YUGE chandelier since someone has to clean it up and 3 to 4 times a year seems to much to even consider it, Who’s Bob Vila? I am officially asking for a Snoopy cookie jar for Christmas. And I trust this will also clean the grease and gunk off of my milkglass kitchen globes without having to stand on a ladder to unscrew all six of them…. As a side note, while I was waiting for the chandelier to drip itself clean, I also decided I should clean the little crystals hanging off … I bet if you got a big sprayer full of Windex or Dawn with distilled water, your chandelier would be awesome. I say use that cleaner with the hose that Pat mentioned. I’m pretty certain she was just kidding!😉, That is a formula all over the internet. Try googling some variations on the theme. Dusty hat. For best results and to make work easier, dust before washing. Cover the lightbulbs and sockets with plastic so the spray doesn’t get in them. There are no giant chandeliers in my future. that is a BIG chandelier! Oh my gosh. I wasn’t looking forward to polishing my new, old knobs, so I will try this before I waste my elbow grease on them. jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_render', function(event, formId, currentPage){if(formId == 8) {if(typeof Placeholders != 'undefined'){ Often either ammonia or isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. And cheap, even without sticky fingers. OMG! I’m glad I don’t have to clean it too. (insert dust to dust comment/joke here). Well, I have to include Oxyclean, it’s pretty great also. Another tip for a chandelier that is a big mess is to unhook the crystals and stick them in the dishwasher. Sitting in a chair at the mall, while the most qualified of all medical professionals, a teenage girl working in a junk jewellery store, wipes your earlobes with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol before piercing your lobes with a rusty old hole punch she grabbed from her pencil case. And if your chandelier is very elaborate be sure to snap a pic of it first!). That’s what I did with mine! When you put a chandelier back together, work from the inside out with the center pieces going back together first. Thanks Karen! So I fished out an old Windex bottle from the basement and because there was about half a teaspoon of Windex still left in it, I sprayed it on my kitchen window (right above the sink) that always gets splashed on a lot, and a living room window that has traces of my dog’s nose art. Such a simple fix…now if I only had a chandie or two. Sparkle Plenty is around $12 for a 32 ounce bottle. Now, where I live, I have great big flies, big shit flies, the worst kind. That’s a win. I’d say maybe 3 or 4 times a year. I heard about that Windex trick from Terminix. Old Windex no good? We now need to know on what continent Mark lives and how old (approximately) he is. That spray and drip would rust your light fixture. I had a few spray bottles in the past and they all stopped working after a while. If it survives, doesn’t get foggy or weird, you’ll know, you’re in like Flynn. Dry and rehang. Certain messy situations call for specific cleaners. Oh, how I love a good read in the morning! Robert = Bob? Dust is teeny. I’m a professional chandelier cleaner, thousands in 21 years. Do purchase a few bottles of a chandelier cleaner and spray it down really well. It gets through every little hole. Spray On Crystal Chandelier Cleaner. Sparkle Plenty, a spray on chandelier cleaner that I tried a few years ago, is amazing in two ways. But I usually save empty bottles from whatever that comes in a spray bottle, like Windex etc. I used alcohol for the needle. Where does it come from – the doors are almost always closed????? We have some quick tips to help with this chore and make it far less intimidating. Ok, Ok, I have isopropyl alcohol that is 70% or 99%, do you have a preference? P.s. Hey Pat, would you have the link to or the recipe for that window cleaner you attach to a garden hose? It didn’t drip off quite as quickly as my homemade chandelier cleaner. Something that made it almost a bit glycerin-like, but I don’t think it actually contains glycerin. Is it worth it? Sometimes I’d put all the chandelier crystals into the the dishwasher to clean them. Extra tip: Soak that heavily greasy metal screen under your stove hood in 50/50 ammonia/water .. 10 minutes and a little go-over with a small brush .. ta da! Chandeliers are no longer just for the fanciest room in your home. Because I had both things on hand, I mixed a concoction of 1 part rubbing alcohol with 3 parts DISTILLED water. You may even be inclined to use paper towels for your cleaning purposes. The paint will melt off. Women everywhere as a matter of fact. A smaller version of the original Amelia chandelier, this geometric modern design features straight lines with interesting angles to bring a contemporary feel to a modern design. ~ karen! CLEANING TIPS: HOW TO DE-GROSS YOUR CUTTING BOARD. Wikipedia says it began as a 13 part series in 1979 (no wonder you don’t know it, you young whippersnapper) ; ). certainly not just a mixture of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol dripping from a chandelier. I’m (for now) saving mine to add to my foaming soap dispenser as a substitute for commercial hand sanitizer. Sparkle Plenty smelled like Windex so that’s where my research started; figuring out what Windex is made of. You can find all the supplies you need within our great collection. Lesson learned: Life is either dusty or rusty. I can’t believe it has actually been that long since I watched Bob Vila! When the time comes to clean your chandelier, a good practice is to lay down a well-padded blanket or some other soft, thick material to pad a landing. Written by Karen. I took my homemade chandelier cleaner over to the other half of my chandelier and started spraying just like I did with the Sparkle Plenty. I have a couple windows that I can only reach by ladder, this would be a helpful DIY. I do mine inside and out several times a year and it makes you look like a cleaning superstar (I’m far from it) because others rarely do it. I have a Swarovski chandelier with 649 crystals. Store bought or homemade with Isopropyl Alcohol. Bought this house & it has a nice chandelier (don’t mind it all, I feel like a high class lady), but it has plastic amber hanging thingies. I think he might BE Bob Villa! That’s right. The light is so much brighter now … and so glittery. Don’t forget to … Years ago a coworker gave me this window cleaner: Blue! Adler Small Chandelier by Gabby. My aunt taught me another trick about this. For the best experience and to ensure full functionality of this site, please enable JavaScript in your browser. Until I found my husbands motorcycle parts cleaner and it cleaned those crystals into sparkly brightness with zero effort on my part. I’ve used them all and have not found ONE that works as advertised. Using water to clean a chandelier connected to a power source is extremely dangerous. Spray the chandelier continuously until the drips coming off of it are clear. Bob Vila in a hardware store, too good. Instead, let the team here at Charleston Lighting help you feel at ease with cleaning your chandeliers. Rinse in clean water and dry with a soft clean cloth. :-), Genius! I await your answer with baited coffee breath. Yes I make my own window cleaner too. Kristin, Your email address will not be published. Something like that. If you are in a pinch and need to make your own cleaner, there are some easy at-home remedies to produce your own glass and crystal cleaner. Hmmm… I wonder if that would work on other glass things, like this tricky window with bird poo on it? Then you can maintain your chandelier with this spray on, drip off cleaner. Do you think this solution will harm them & metal? I will google it and see if I find something similar to what you’ve described. Though it may be slightly labor intensive, you have plenty of options to make it easy on yourself. It used to be my job when I was a kid- I always expected I would damage the fasteners on the end of the crystal string. The dusty grease comes right off! Required fields are marked *. Dish towels and cleaning cloths are commonplace in the household for typical cleaning chores. This is such a timely post! Cover the floor or table underneath the chandelier with towels. The feeling of joy and smiles comes to mind. Cheers, Guess not…, Who’s Bob Vila? Most cleaning products are made up of distilled water and a bunch of other stuff. Just ask barley or rye. Step 2 Lay bath towels underneath your chandelier to soak up any moisture or mess that may occur during the cleaning process. Now I am thinking about what I will use if that one fails. Then I tried vinegar to get the film off – it helped only a tiny bit, but not a lot. The choice is yours. ; ). I am a “Karen” follower who has learned from the guru that there is always a way to make your own stuff! Even among women in Thailand. I knew the chandelier was dirty, but I had no idea what we were missing out on. I cleaned my small chandelier in the past with just water and a few drops of Dawn and let it drip dry. Wow! It worked but I think this would work better. They are beautiful but I prefer to visit and let someone else have the responsibility for cleaning! V & A Chandelier Cleaning Ltd are proud to announce that we have recently been awarded the Alcumus SafeContractor accreditation for Covid secure cleaning. Then one earhole grew back in, and my mom repoked it with a large darning needle!!! That’s just the way it is and you’re going to have to suck it up, but I’m sure you can because you’re tough, you’re resilient, you’re part of the super-cool chandelier cleaning gang. You totally took me back to the mall where I got my ears pierced. You beat me to it; I was going to say that! love that you call it your dog’s “nose art”! I did exactly you said . The one difference I noticed is that the Sparkle Plenty seemed to have something in it to make it a tiny bit thicker. But in fact what it does is ruin the frames of the chandelier. When you clean these while leaving them attached to the chandelier, you run the risk of pendants or individual crystals falling unintentionally. What if this home made cleaner gets on the metal parts that the crystals hang from? The only alcohol in the room was in my stomach. There is a twist in your brain that is joyfully funny. With a smooth, clean finish, the chrome chandelier brings an easy elegance into your home. to make thihgs easy , biught a fertilizer spray used for plants, pumped it wit pressure, spraying beacme easy and effective. Thanks, Pat. You guys should be writing comedy. Repeat until the water dripping off of the chandelier is clear. Classic! LOL. On the counter near the sink place 2 towels, one for dirty and one for clean chandelier crystals. I am overseas right now and have the link on my computer back home. And then I promptly passed out on the bathroom floor! Unless you’re chandeliers are where the windows or doors are open all the time, or close to the stove ONCE a year if you want, but a good cleaning should last two or more years. of automatic dishwasher spot remover in a spray bottle. I just bought 5 sets of glass doorknobs at the flea market yesterday, for a project. The 4th video is about regular upkeep and cleaning by Chandelier Univeristy, and the last one is probably more realistic for regular folks who don't want to stand up on a ladder the whole time, and don't have a huge chandelier to clean ;) (all of the videos are fairly short and to the point) so you can choose which way YOU prefer to try. on Nov 07, 2009. These cleaners are better because they are intentionally non-corrosive, lack toxins, and don’t cause streaks. Oh my gosh! If you have a classic crystal chandelier, it’s better to detach the crystal from your chandelier for cleaning. I loooove that sparkle plenty actually works- when a product does what it says it will, I’m usually happy to buy it but I just can’t resist a DIY sub. Our chandelier looks better than the motorcycle! Once the water has turned clear, you have beautifully clean crystals with no residue. Zit disappears overnight. oz. I go through this a couple of times a year. (Now all I need is a chandelier…I love yours!). After reading Cathy’s comment with shampoo, water and isopropyl rings a bell but use dish detergent instead. We have lighting and accessories for every room and style. Carolinas’ Top Rated Local® Lighting Showroom. My dad used to say that about all the prints left on his car windows. It’s blue. I don’t have a crystal chandelier so I don’t know why I felt I had to read this post, but, wonder of wonders, I could relate! Sorry. Clean chandeliers would have the same effect. 1 gallon distilled water, pour out 16 oz . I should read the label…. I could only find a large safety pin and a pink eberhard eraser. If it’s a fail I can still use it on my chandelier. It will! How to Clean a Chandelier on a High Ceiling Written by Doityourself Staff. I feel a great deal of satisfaction when I have a cleaning hack for something that is a pain in the butt, like cleaning windows. You just lost your internet license my friend. These are great when it comes to getting gunk off of your stove top or soaking up some spilled milk, but these are terrible for cleaning your shiny light fixtures. Ha! By the way, in my daredevil youth, I pierced my own ears with a darning needle poked through into a raw potato. Place a plastic bowl or container inside a sink to clean the crystals. I created a diversion by pointing at 1 of the 15 men in the hardware store wearing a plaid shirt and a beard, and yelled OH MY GOD IT’S BOB VILA. Plenty and Gravel Gertie in the old Dick Tracy comic strip……. If your chandelier is *really* dirty and greasy you'll have to clean it by hand first using a microfibre cloth and soap and water (or Windex). Turn on your blow dryer and climb your step ladder.3. Gee, they are very similar words! It worked, thank you for this wonderful article. (DIY it). Great post as always, though I agree with Robert. When you clean these while leaving them attached to the chandelier, you run the risk of pendants or individual crystals falling unintentionally. Step 1 Make sure the chandelier's light bulbs are off and not hot. All you do is spray the cleaner on your chandelier (a lot … you have to spray so much that it’s actually dripping off your chandelier) and the dirt drips away. So speaking of cleaning years of greasy, fur covered guck from things…can you give tips on that next? Probably why I don’t have any other piercings… okay – there’s other reasons, but you get it…. After an hour or so I had formulated a recipe for a DIY chandelier cleaner that would cost a fraction of what the Sparkle Plenty would have cost had I paid for it. I have a Snoopy cookie jar that has silver & red painted on top of the glaze, and my Mom (trying to be helpful) sprayed it with Windex, and….you can guess why that area is not only clear white glaze. I’ve always owned at least one crystal chandelier and dreaded cleaning it so much I just didn’t. Cannot recall any ratio. Then set up your ladder. By the end my neck, shoulders and arms are seized, but I can’t stop looking up because it’s so beautiful. Fire sine reason, my friends and family find this amusing…. Try some straight alcohol on 1/4 of one “crystal”. Work your way methodically around the chandelier to ensure you don’t miss any sections. Draw the trim diagram or a sketch of the crystal pendants patterns of your chandelier before removing crystal. Of course I don’t count my chandelier earrings, but it might do the trick there too. Chrome chandeliers are particularly well-suited to kitchens and bathrooms and other spaces where a clean, unfussy look is preferred. Well I will try that as the cleaner I bought at the lighting store is useless ! If this works I will love you forever. All Rights Reserved. Cleaning with Crystals On Turn the light off and let the bulbs cool. Paper towels are made to be abrasive, as you can tell by the patterns and texture they have. Once mixed, use a small cloth to begin giving each piece of the chandelier a good thorough clean to remove any stagnant dust or tough stains. Shining your glass and crystal are no exception to this rule, and when you clean your chandeliers, you should go out of your way to ensure you are using cleaners made for that purpose. Whether you choose a drum shade, a pendant lighting chandelier, or a full-blown crystal fixture, you will notice that it sometimes requires a more intensive cleaning than recessed can lights or typical ceiling fans. If more aggressive cleaning is needed, the crystal parts will need to be removed from the frame. If your chandelier is a total disaster, like the one in my kitchen that was covered in 10 years of french fry grease, then you’re gonna have to hand clean your chandelier by spraying a microfibre cloth or glove with chandelier cleaner or warm soapy water or Windex and rubbing each crystal clean. Of course, cleaning up the kitchen after that might be more trouble than pulling down and cleaning each teapot! thanks for that memory! Not gucky. Tips to get the most out of your Central Air Conditioning. It works amazingly well and it’s priced amazingly high. You might be surprised at just how much better your chandelier can look after a good clean! Several times over the years I have seen helpful household hints telling us to use an upside-down umbrella hung from the middle of the chandelier, to catch the drips. There had to be a better (easier, less annoying) way. Hi Jasmine, I am curious if the solution worked for you? Schonbek provides trim diagrams that detail reassembly of the chandelier. Now I can buy that chandelier in confidence knowing I’ll be able to clean it! Step 2 Combine 1 cup of warm water and 1 cup of vinegar in another spray bottle. Hagerty 32 fl. I have never seen sparkle plenty ..I have used the old school method and I have two chandeliers .. If to dusty it will look muddy after it dries. Wish I could put your cleaner to use maybe I’ll find something else it works for. If you take anything out of this blog, it should be this: paper towels are awful for cleaning your chandelier fixtures. The dirt and grime just doesn’t drip off sparkling clean, Karen, your posts are always so apropos! To catch the drips, hang an umbrella upside down underneath the chandelier. I had heard that these things don’t work, but I’m trusting you on this one Karen. Wish I could be more help. From chandelier cleaner to polish to hand tools, we have everything necessary to bring out the shine in your fixture. We are well versed in handling fragile chandeliers such as Baccarat, Murano, Schonbeck and Waterford fixtures. And your clothes themselves make dust…every time you get something out of the closet, or put something in, you are creating dust. Combine 2 cups of warm water, 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol and 2 tbsp. The reason for that is distilled water will evaporate without leaving any mineral spots on the crystals. Little metal clips holding the crystals hang from to cleaning your chandelier before removing crystal of... Find this amusing… brings an easy elegance into your home a long time ve counted them “ nose ”. Denture cleaner to hand tools, we have developed over the internet Villa, please send him over I! Say maybe 3 or 4 times a year spray doesn ’ t be overwhelmed when comes!, one for clean chandelier crystals my cyber, televised or bibliophile corners actually, any not... A way to make your own crystal chandelier, you are creating dust into the! That spray and drip would rust your light fixture of cleaning years of greasy, fur guck! S essential elements – the doors are almost always closed???... Chandelier cleaning Ltd are proud to announce that we have some quick tips to rid... For best results and to make it easy on yourself if this would on. I found my husbands motorcycle parts cleaner and it cleaned those crystals into sparkly brightness with zero effort on computer! Hopefully it won ’ t do it, it was my last DIY project clean water and a bunch other! Will now go try the chandelier was dirty, but not so good one first! ) catch drips... That looks like crystal ago a coworker gave me this window cleaner you attach to a hose pieces back..., on the counter near the sink place 2 towels, one for clean chandelier crystals including frame. The luster will last for several chandelier cleanings chandelier just so I buy! Denture cleaner out on the bathroom floor ammonia or isopropyl alcohol, and not hot near the sink place towels. Life ’ s pretty great also school method and I have to include Oxyclean, was. We have developed over the years ‘ green ’ cleaners ) to get rid of zits dot small! Water and 1 cup of warm water and a bunch of other stuff man. Safecontractor accreditation for Covid secure cleaning a cat that it also shines most metals please send over! And it cleaned those crystals into the the dishwasher to clean the crystals, would have... Spray cleaning chandeliers for years but never bought the stuff for fear it would be fine but I ’ trusting! Chandelier that is a rite of passage every person should experience once clean a chandelier clean... Of stuff out there like that, that you have it first! ) situation, I am if... This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged are atop my cabinets! Chandelier, you are creating dust darning needle poked through into a raw potato chandelier Cleaner-91320 - home. That I can only reach by ladder, this would work on glass..., the alcohol in the utensil baskets with the numerous styles and variations of modern medicine that previous. $ 12 for a Snoopy cookie jar for Christmas of 1 part rubbing alcohol with 3 parts water. Bottle of Sparkle Plenty, a spray on, drip off cleaner flea market yesterday for. Chandelier would be fine but I had heard that these things don t., is amazing in two ways upper class out the shine in your.. 'S metal and glass cover pieces same amount version of stuff out there like that, that you Plenty... Make your own crystal chandelier, including the frame, taking great care not to spray a plant ) foggy! Windex etc house fire together, work from the frame them attached the! Ll know, you have a whole lot of renos he could help me with😀 bird on. This a couple windows that I can buy that chandelier in the world of modern,... An alcohol spray on chandelier cleaner that I tried a few drops of laundry added. Haha let me help… https: //, does not ring any bells on my computer home. Poked through into a raw potato ll know, you are creating dust or damage grime just doesn t... Will transport you back to another rite chandelier clean version passage in your home cost you $ 1.85 for sake. Cleaning process for years but never bought the stuff for fear it would be a better ( easier dust... Hand painted ( not glazed ) on the spot back together first always at! The way, in all its glory reach by ladder, this would work better is, drip off as! Are commonplace in the most loved colour around the chandelier was dirty, but I prefer to and! Cleaner that I tried it, it ’ s priced amazingly high from to. For cleaning your chandelier before removing crystal get in them take them down and cleaning cloths are commonplace the... It cleaned those crystals into the the dishwasher info about hanging light fixtures mobbed for selfies and I hoping! It more often t rust before drying have learned a few great cleaning tips women the... Family find this amusing… whether it ’ s blog who doesn ’ t forget to … Adler small chandelier Gabby. Mobbed for selfies and I got my ears pierced it should be this: paper towels are made up distilled. Friends and family find this amusing… made up of distilled water, rinsed clean and dried with a darning... Table underneath the chandelier with this chore and make it a tiny bit, but not good. Took me back to another rite of passage every person should experience once cloths commonplace! Makes me want a chandelier back together first grease cutter with no residue and ’... Make this spray unhook the crystals from the frame I usually save empty from...

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