how would you describe your sense of humor?

Is there any body language you use to go alongside your humor? I really appreciate you all, and wish you all the best. 20 Answers. Advertisement. Anonymous. a) sarcastic. Favorite Answer. Here you can create your own quiz and questions like Describe your sense of humor with one word also and share with your friends. Stupid -- farting, cat playing piano, slapstick humor. How would you describe your sense of humor? Archived. Dry Sweet and cute Bitingly sarcastic Punchy Brilliantly witty. d) sick (according to others,of course) e) adult(unsuitable for, um, kids) f) other(specify please) How would you describe your sense of humor? Someone shows you a stick. but humour is important in EVERY type of story. You … You may also like... What Rock Are You? hide. i hate it. Related, do you and your SO share a sense of humor? Sarcastic - no one ever sees your joke coming. 38. 42 Answers. I'll be in very serious situations such as business meetings, funerals, etc. Take this quick quiz to see if you're a cynic, a realist, or an idealist. In 2003, researchers in London – London, Ontario, that is – created the Humor Style Questionnaire based on the idea that it might be interesting to measure how people use different types of humor. How would you describe your sense of humor? save hide report. Answer Save. Are you as effervescent as a bottle of champagne or as deep and dark as Shiraz? Favourite answer. Survey ~ How would you describe your sense of humour ... ... :) These questions will build your knowledge and your own create quiz will build yours and others people knowledge. If you could describe one good quality about yourself... Time to be honest. Find out your Indian name by taking this quiz! ... Have you ever wondered what kind of juice you would be if we were all juices? Dark - not everyone gets or likes your humor . share. Posted by cbreezystan. Most Helpful Guys. Pretty mainstream - most people get your jokes . You might think that jokes about death, illness, and tragedy are funny. What's yours? Add Opinion. 100% Upvoted. report. 1 decade ago. GPS Guides are our way of showing you what has relieved others' stress in the hopes that you will be able to identify solutions that work for you. If you happen to believe that God possesses all qualities, then presumably that would include a sense of humor. I am friendly to strangers and I have a good sense of humor… How humor differs between the sexes How would you describe your sense of humor? Ask me everything ya want and I'll answer it!!!!! Doug Lansky, HuffPost , May, 2011 Along with gratitude, hope and spirituality, a sense of humor belongs to the set of strengths positive psychologists call transcendence; together they help us forge connections to the world and provide meaning to life. Probably think I'm insane. How do you keep a good sense of humor? Occasionally it goes over peoples head due to obscure references like geek-humor or something before someone’s time (I’m not elderly, but I remember when Michael Jackson was still black) which means sometimes a witticism of mine falls flat.. Jul 9. I get funny looks and people around me tend to slowly walk away. How would you describe your sense of humor? First thought to pop into your mind? 1 0. It`s Free & Simple, 100`s of community experts will answer your questions. Do you and your spouse share the same sense of humor? This GPS Guide is part of a series of posts designed to bring you back to balance when you're feeling off course. ! Humor I don't like: i can joke about anything! Finland Imagine a person, a bit awkward, not knowing what exactly to do with his hands, wearing trousers with marked knee bags. xD. I spent a few hours today reading every single comment, and I'm sorry I didn't reply to all. Relevance. share. Relevance. If not, do you two argue over sensitivity? but its also depends on the story, and not all the type of humour will work well in the story or certain parts of it. Everyone has a different sense of humor. 1 decade ago. Sometimes is comes out as dry and crummy, but other times it's moist and chewy. A lot of my humor is pretty dry. Listen to podcasts that amuse you. Read humorous books. How would you describe your sense of humor? Bad Answer “I think I am a fun-loving person with a good sense of self and positive nature. Favourite answer. Take the quiz to see which kind of juice you are! Well, we have the answer for you! Non existent. My dad thinks I need to liven up because I don't laugh at his jokes which is quite understandable. Study funny people like Kevin Hart: There's a lot of funny out there! You may also like... What Wine Are You? I think I have a good sense of humor. 1 decade ago. Click here to find answers. I don't know if I have a sense of humor. Are you a rock lover? Having a warped sense of humor means that you laugh at things that many people are afraid of or offended by. 15 comments. Dry Sweet and cute Bitingly sarcastic Punchy Brilliantly witty. Psychologists are taking the adage that “there’s no such thing as a joke” to entirely new places, and they’re finding that your sense of humor might say more about you than you realize. My sense of humor can be compared to cookies. Whats a sense of humour? Anonymous. Recent Quizzes . That way you can justify it by saying you were only joking. Though humor is essentially social, how you use it says a lot about your sense of self. My sense of humor is sarcasm, witty or clever, and stupid. How would you describe your sense of humor? so its good to have a bit of a lot. Anonymous. Let us know your tips in the comments!

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