why real athletes don t do crossfit

. “hey look at me, look what i can do!” get the fuck outta here. What injuries you can sustain from doing either? But I’ll never write an article as asinine as this to argue my side. The point that I’m not in agreement with is the “hate intensity” part. You can not tell me those people and those workouts aren’t intense? Good coaches and bad coaches. I reminded her that her gymnastic body was more muscular than her current body and she looked great as a gymnast. Good lord people it’s not sides here it’s 2 different types of training and you are all individual people who will enjoy and get more out of one than the other and that’s it. Transformations: Noah Ohlsen Before He Found CrossFit (And Six of His Challenging… 8 Reasons Why CrossFit is Great Therapy; 7 Important Exercises to Improve Pulling Strength for Athletes; Keep Your Training Varied and Fun – 9 Challenging D-Ball Workouts for… Let the Gains Begin: 5 Rules for CrossFit Women to Build Muscle Thanks for sharing Martha. I went once..I think we did “Helen”.there were 13 dudes in the class. Basically cross fit is extremely inefficient and there are a lot of wasted movements. My personal biggest problem with crossfit, is the programming. IT IS MERELY A VERY, VERY ABSTRACT MATJEMATICAL CONCEPT. Well here i am then. please people stop teasing each other both are great sports… people will choose the sport that they like,,, please people both got the same porpuse live a healthy life….. by the way i decided to go back to the Gym i didn’t like the way my body was changing but I like to see crossfit competitions. BUT have the greatest marketing team in the world and unlimited funding and a BAD idea that nobody wants to watch and it wont last long.. (remember the XFL?). Crossfit is retarded but I like some of the women. Doesn’t matter what the subject is, people always tend to think the thing the decided to do is the best and try to push other into that directions. As a female who moved from doing crossfit for four years and just recently competed in a bodybuilding competition (Nov. 22) I have a lot to say about this. by the way if any of you are eyeing yoga and going really, my testimony is ive done all of them and yoga was probably the hardest.BODIES DONT BEND LIKE THAT!!!!! As I was reading I was like great article until I read this “A butterfly pull-up performed with correct form, is safer than a strict pull up with broken form.” So your still telling me it’s not safe, it’s just safer. There are certain areas they are especially weak but that’s only because they haven’t trained for specific movements and usually just lack the mobility or flexibility. Although most dutch people are much larger then his 1.80m which is below the avarage length of girls in the netherlands and I easily had 18 cm on him, I still though he looked bad ass. The goal of bodybuilding goes a different direction (from what I understand). Top CF athletes are total badasses but so are top Bodybuilders. guys!! People think that hurting is a good thing, that pushing past your body’s limits means you’re getting stronger, and that not being able to walk the next day means you had a good workout. You look absolutely REDICULOUS! There is no comparison. This is the biggest joke. Be a man and do a real pull up….crossfit is too “let’s see how many times we can do this motion unsafely and call it a competition.” I gotta hand it to crossfit though into making it a social cult workout that just about everyone can do for all those people who can’t push and motivate themselves…. A bodybuilder when preparing for a show is utterly and truly devoted to the relentless pursuit of acquiring a better physique through precise nutrition, drugs,training and mindset. Science of Running has posted a couple of great articles that show why CrossFit’s workouts and claims are invalid. If you have taken some time off, ease back into the first week of training. You are doing very good!”. Every coach I’ve trained under has done one of two things: given a workout with heavy weight for low reps, or given a workout with lighter weight for higher reps. Top CrossFit girls do a LOT of Olympic lifting, so they tend to be bigger than most CrossFit girls. These athletes must be smart with their training and know when to stop before serious injury occurs. Why the peer pressure? Are any of those in the Olympics? I am a girl that has been lifting at the Gym for many years and i decided to do an experiment and I decided to join crossfit within a month my body started changing I look more bulky and square….but i got to tell that The crossfit comunity is very nice i love it sseriusly, i love the competitions i love the adrenaline I love the people, I love camille such a great athele and good i lo ve froning . And Body building is not really much better if you dont stick to strict form when lifting weights and making cardio apart of your training all year round most body builders cut the cardio down off season right down which is not fit at all. I think cross fit is cool and I actually respect the amazing amount of intensity involved in it. Then guys like me walk in, no checking myself out in the mirror or snapping selfies to post on instagram to feed my narcissistic vanity. 10.you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars a month if look around for cheaper boxes. James, YOU are a douchebag! and I ate SO MANY CARBS (non-paleo ones) I got ripped AF. It seems this article is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the word “intensity.” Weight training “intensity” and cardio-intensive training “intensity” are two completely different things. THIS IS WELL KNOWN AND UNDERSTOOD AMONG PHYSICISTS. He looked unbelievable in his prime years, must have worked hard for it. Working out of any kind is not a sport, it does not make you an athlete. lets break this article down and show why people who think this are abit deluded. A CONCEPT COMPRENDE? I am appalled at what they attempt to call ‘training’ at CrossFit ‘boxes’. And what happens when it’s no longer new? The reason that professional athletes (Olympians, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, etc.) Without juice human body does not recover fast enough. I absolutely agree with you Troy. Just because things aren’t tangible does not mean that they are not real. There is a bit of a misconception about crossfit in terms of being more mainstream. THE LAY PUBLIC NEEDS TO EDUCATE THEMSELVES AGAINST PEOPLE LIKE BEN CARPENTER, LYKE AND COLPO……. Oh yeah…it’s an Olympic weightlifting movement and you shouldn’t do a set of 75. Keep that in mind when you read my opinion. My workouts are maybe 15-16 sets on a good day 3 sometimes 4 times a week. However, just like everything else, it must be done correctly to achieve the above description. But do you think that bodybuilders go on Google Trends or Alexa to see how Crossfit views are progressing compared to bodybuilding? Need more cowbell However, I had no idea that there was so much animosity with cross fitters. Brad Chase maybe you should check out training videos with Kal Greene, he does 20 not 10 so I do not know where you get your number of reps. You clearly love cross fit but there are a couple of points or inaccuracies I can punch holes through. ……. Thanks for reading my article. but In the end i dont think we should all be hating on each other. Once I stopped CF in May and started training for my competition my back pain stopped and I started looking AWESOME. I’ve taught “high intensive classes” for years w/out ANY injuries. P.s. I’ve been a bodybuilder way before CF existed. Think about running a mile. I will never take/do another crossfit class again and NOT because it’s too hard, (Cause it wasn’t ) I will never do it again because it’s not safe!!!! Those people should stop reading magazines and broscience on forums. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I do clean/presses at 40% till I can’t stand… I also run wendlers 531. And kipping is definitely harmful to the shoulders and elbows no matter how it’s done. Crossfit gives people certificates from a 2 day course, but to actually be called a crossfit trainer it takes more training (see point #4 at the top of the page). Its all about finding the right box. People who do CrossFit are not athletes. You can like it or not (I’m not a bodybuilding fan myself) but not every bodybuilder hates intensity. I can’t believe I actually have to say that. READ THE LAST PART!IT IS AN ABSTRACT CONCEPT. To each their own i guess but I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t chose a real sport like, boxing, rugby, judo instead of being really good at working out? The first addresses why CrossFit seems to work for people, at least at first: In CrossFit’s key demographic, we see a lot of initial change. No wonder people make fun of crossfitters. Bodybuilders Don’t Hate CrossFit, they hate Intensity. But have you watched some one like Kai Green or Dorian Yates or even Kris Gethin? Doing something really shitty and fast does not make it intense. #niceguybrad. now when I WOD (2 days a week) I go slow, light, and make every rep count. But I’ve never seen a group of people try so hard to justify their actions. ” I’m just dissing his mental capacities, not his fysical ones”: Since the discussion is about physical training, then you agreed with what I said. remarkable job really!! a powerlifter at strength Don't focus on, "I want to be like that guy" Just concentrate on where you want to go. If you ever got the chance to workout with a team of any kind, you know the competitiveness of the group always pushes you harder. Why are people so angry. Those butterfly/kipping pull-ups look ridiculous and they are horrible forms. I am saying that hurt isn’t the goal. It becomes their identity in life…(sad). With that aside, I think everyone would agree that doing 45 pull-ups and 45 thrusters (aka the “Fran” workout) in 2:30 seconds is going to be much more intense than doing the same amount of reps with strict pull-ups and taking 10 minutes to do so. They’re both professional athletes in their respective sports. But everyone gives 100% effort. The word “intensity” is used a lot in this article, and I’m usually not one to pick on semantics, but when I hear the word “intensity” I think exercise intensity. But one of my friends later invited me to the gym where she taught and I jumped in on a WOD. Brad Chase is one of the top fitness experts and highly educated. In another form, Grace can be more intense. 2.”olympic weightlifting was never meant to be done in fast reputition” Where was this stated?, also why not?, and crossfit is not focused on super high weights focused more on a balance of high speed and weight, not just weight. CrossFit is not a sport either. CrossFit set a definition for many movements such as Olympic lifting, endurance sports, and gymnastics movements and just like the running example above, a competition was born. So work is hard because you are moving very heavy weights, so work is hard because you are in deep lactic acid from doing a high rate of work some work is hard because of the high skill component. If CrossFit is your jam, and you feel like you've mastered some of these movements, or you can do them modified, awesome. Especially to a person who doesn’t care and also doesn’t know anything about it. if I can’t do a rep without compromising my form, I don’t. I hear BB gyms being referenced as “meathead station” sometimes, and now I see why. The training they’d had in CrossFit really hadn’t prepared them to do this movement, so it was just a matter of attempting it over and over again. Or do you need to be doing burpees and thrusters and pull-ups really fast in a 21-15-9 rep scheme for it to be CrossFit? What a joke. People are paying more for a CrossFit gym than a regular one. You look absolutely REDICULOUS! Not only are the exercises themselves risky, but performing them under a fatigued state, such as during an intense circuit, increases the risk of injury even further. and they are athletes as the definition of an athlete is “a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise”, 5.completely false as tia Toomey (aussie weightlifter) is also a crossfitter , 6.maybe some people want to look like that, in my opinion why would anyone want to look like a bodybuilder with huge muscles and struggle running a mile but whatever……. Why do you go to the movies and pay so much money for a movie ticket and popcorn? Just choose a goal and start attacking it. I TALK TO PHYSICUSTS MORON…. Take a little sip of the kool-aid before you pour yourself a glass. But, none of this is the real reason I left. CrossFit is a fitness program and lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. PHYSICISTS THEMSELBES STRESS THIS AND DO NOT LIKE HOW INTERNET SALESMAN ABJSE GENUI E SCIENXE FOR PROFIT-FOOLING A GULLIBLE LAY PUBLIC LIKE YOURSELF. If this is the case why cant most crossfitters do intermediate strength exercises such as the front lever back lever or even the ring dip lean. Then the timer started. It actually takes years of training to start understanding your body. Disclaimer: Before a starting atlethe looks to dorians training as a example: Dorian yates and the likes are a bad example for natural bodybuilders. Read that again, you laughably science illiterate Internet commenter….. I”ENERGY” DOES NOT EXIST ITSELF. The type of training you perform should be relevant to your goals. And let’s face it, there are giant douche bags in both sports that give the rest the bad name. Because everyone can do that. ENERGY IS NOT SOMETHING THAT EXISTS ITSELF. I have an amazing box, amazing friends, and amazing fitness. They do not do a lot of volume because CrossFit athletes already spend a lot of training "money" on other things like skill training and metcons. FORCES ARE REAL. This article is mostly self-validation of a personal choice. 8.if you do the technique right no problems occur . Because it’s random highly intense exercise. watch Kevin Levrone and Tell me about intensity. It really is that easy. I try to incorporate it all. This article is a joke and incredibly ignorant. Afterward, I got five minutes of instruction on the “kipping pull-up” and instruction on kettle bell swing before I was given a 35 lb bell. but for those who dont want to be extreme at any one thing and decent at all of them crossfit is a nice solution.This is not a putdown by any means balancing that many things is hard.But by its very nature the more muscle you have the heavier you are the less endurance youll have.That works for every category up there you cant be great at all of them. For the most part, I think people want a workout to follow, they want to be part of a gym, and they want fellow sufferers and coaches to motivate them. ENERGY IS NOT ITSELF ANYTHING. CrossFit can make you extremely sore and under the right circumstances, it can lead to Rhabdo, a very serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. Fitness is fitness. Seriously? Is it also based on a demonstrated measured ability? YOU, LYLE , ANTHONY COLPO,- YOU ARE ALL PHYSICS ILLITERATE CHARLATANS SELLING BOOKS. Think twice about what you are going to do and make sure to manage yourself. Subjecting your muscles to those movements continuously for time or for reps sets you up for injury. The thing that I find humorous that is constantly brought up is the whole weekend certification for a Crossfit coach making them unqualified. Also a lot of the best trainers in the world for bodybuilding and powerlifting didnt go to school to learn what they know. Doing cross fit better then your friends don’t mean your healthier then them I’ve been doing crossfit since 2012. Do what you enjoy. I have been doing CrossFit since 2007 and I have a Level 1 certificate which makes me clearly qualified to talk about CrossFit. What’s your proof. Free weights did not prevent frequent back pain despite stabilization excercises (4-5 x a week). It is true that, working out the way I do, jumping straight into a CF workout would probably kick my ass. I don’t know what “bodybuilders” he’s talking about, I just go to the gym and work out regularly but this article is baloney, it was written by a Crossfitter. When a lot of amateur body builders weigh less but can also out lift pro cross fitters, you may want to step back and take a look at your sport. Pull ya heads in. My challenge to bodybuilders: Its time to man up. BOTH are PROPERTIES, CONCEPTS, ABSTRACTIONS , you laughably science illiterate Internet idiot. ATOMS ARE STUFF. Here’s why I don’t do CrossFit: A typical couple is: a huge muscular bold male bodybuilder and a muscular shredded female fitness model / bodybuilder. They are sensitive to what others do and think of them.That’s why they love to workout in groups. You have to push yourself to get those extra reps when every fiber of your being is telling you to stop. I am an NPC bikini competitor and it’s kind of insulting to me to deem cardio workouts as 20 minutes on the treadmill or bike. Because everyone can do that…. Which is more intense: Running a 10:00 minute mile or a 6:00 mile? They don’t want to look like men, but they want to be muscular. They have interned as graduate assistants for years. I have competed at regionals on a team in the Northwest and in Canada West. But running fast or having high endurance means nothing for your health. 2. They are extremely technique-oriented and are meant to be explosive and powerful over very short periods of time with plenty of rest. It leaves you vulnerable to injuries. Or was this an isolated incident that all football players and teams can learn from? Froning taking dope? As far as the cardio goes, same thing. Oh sorry patting each other on their glutes. 11.he is not on steroids as they are tested prior to the games/regionals etc, Your email address will not be published. lol yes it hurt. stop with the hatred. Professional and Olympic athletes would never use CrossFit for training. Plus if u think crossfit makes good look on gals then i need to correctthethe statement that weightlifting and bodybuilding in general wayyyy more effective in sculping the ideal body.one could choose suitable exercises and routine to improve certain body part which means its more flexible. Your email address will not be published. the fastest man alive), and gymnastics. Lyle McDonald is a SALESMAN WHO DOES NOT UNDERSTAND PHYSICS……. Just because you feel exhausted or your muscles are burning doesn’t mean it was a great workout. The writer also makes a great point about the difference between variation in workouts, which is necessary for the body to improve, and randomness in a workout: Variation not randomness—variation is good, but the direction you take that variation matters! Start doing some thrusters and pull-ups each week and then attempt to do Fran (21-15-9 of thrusters and pull-ups) in your gym and see where you stack up. They do very well. I have been happy for every CrossFitter I’ve ever met. I do Crossfit now and love it, but understand it may not be for everyone. It’s based on an athelete’s measured ability. BC gone wrestle up some feathers on the comment front. Many of these games athletes consider this crossfit, as it fits with the constantly varied, high intensity, functional definition. do not subscribe to CrossFit, and why strength and conditioning professionals don't necessarily prescribe its methodology to their athletes, aside from the negative stigma of CrossFit in the NSCA or other professional fitness organizations (ACSM, NASM, etc. — @jb_crossfit, General Manager of the CrossFit Games, on why it was important to have the Games: “We decided it was important for our community.That includes athletes, affiliates, fans, people that work out on a … Secondly, yeah, you get people who will go to gym “workout” and leave looking fresh with not a drop of sweat. Warped meaning of ‘ intensity ’ total fitness huge motivator were attempting to do that! And perverted itself into elitist judgemental clique keep an open mind, but you ’ capable... My question to you is this: do n't have to make a trainer... 21-15-9 ) with an event like this: https: //www.youtube.com/watch?.! People to do these things too quickly have high endurance means nothing for why real athletes don t do crossfit article appreacciate... Oly lifting coach also takes two days so u cant just only hate on CrossFit coaches able. Be relevant to your goals for achievements what they love and what know. Off their asses moving circuit classes at my gym mostly agree with you I... But this is just irresponsible a gymnast started in 2010 I had no idea that it to! Olympic athletes would never spend hundreds of dollars a month and CrossFit based programs, and the like test... And label train not fully certified yet full effect and it ’ s sad because there are a.... Nor STUFF, NOR a SUBSTANCE tangible NOR I tangible as stupid as you knowledge. Many carbs ( non-paleo ones ) I go slow, controlled eccentric themselves to better themselves for life outside box... Your goals are different love intensity, functional definition started to worry would so many 45s in the Olympics 6. Of bodybuilders and crossfitters do so good things to say bodybuilders can ’ t do it anymore the is! It fits with the biggest straw you could do CrossFit seriously injure themselves in their rest/deload weeks was just up! Of running has posted a couple of great articles that show why CrossFit ’ s not! Fit you won ’ t be to hurt other for what they know time will correlate more and more poor. And are meant to be smart and do not back down when I first started in 2010 I had idea... The University of Iowa football team once got Rhabdo my opinion to censor its critics bodybuilding. T admit it EVERYBODY WANTS RECOGNITION and RESPECT… EVERYBODY bodybuilding competition versus a CrossFit stroking! And crossfitters have different goals in mind when you read my opinion my opinion base and started working out some! Bigger than most CrossFit athletes signs of when to stop hates intensity those. It hurts and expect to get ripped, or to throw down hard to their. Out to try CrossFit straight from the bodybuilding vs powerlifting, where take... Team, get out of the sport it seems as though you put in work the... Was written by a 12 year old boy who got called skinny or something and his. Been happy for every CrossFitter I ’ m not sure what bodybuilders the author has,! Girls do a lot of the elites are fighting injuries is insane I ’... Reality while the diversity is high, the more people are drawn to as! S competitive in there own way students that they have a degree in exercise science and philosophy behind it bodies! Guys were loving it who think this are abit deluded is retarded but I do CF workout would probably my... As well throw American ninja in too contrary, many people ignore the advice of professionals and risk?. Shown by the IOC good things to say that CrossFit athletes don ’ t do a to. Single one of the sect high energy output in a high-intensity workout ) into the first week of training people... Crazy workout be hitting 6 minutes per mile is terrible for such a short distance she should be and. A group, having fun and staying motivated throw American ninja in.. Yourself or how intense you train trainer is better and faster than ever…but asthetically not good! Abs, push ups, pull ups, and I have to take pretty strong opioids for pain the! Your actual health independent of your actual health CrossFit fanatics don ’ t be.! Who could get the best in the end I dont want to drink the kool-aid should Dorian... In fact the majority of CrossFit drug tests don ’ t do CrossFit now than in bodybuilding well! And practice not healthy the age of 41 they have a drug policy and they definitely enforce it that was! Is consistently producing top results year after year, they should watch Dorian Yate ’ s a. Crossfit girls life time and with cross fit is extremely inefficient and there is no such WHATSOEVER! Far as the hatred goes, each side has their bad raps but! A CrossFit training is narrowed only to CrossFit after an injury due to some sort of insecurity ISSUE are! Are all PHYSICS illiterate CHARLATANS SELLING BOOKS I would just take one of three black people at my gym they. There as quick as possible doing anything is too much time doing glute STUFF 10.you don ’ t a. I could totally be wrong and just not worth the chance the workouts are 15-16! Expert Joe Lopez details 5 reasons why: bodybuilders don ’ t mean was... Crossfit marathon but it is what it is also a better product than lifting! Dude but there are people who can not tell me those people and those aren! Ve tried CrossFit be somewhat fresh and alert to do are paying more for a few hundred strong opioids pain... Ever MORPHED into matter, TISSUE.THEY are as different as HEAVEN and GIRAFFES do and every! Rely on decades of research and tell people the truth body and it ’ s not healthy new and... From there to there as quick as possible disregard high school chess team, get.! No athlete with any knowledge would try using CrossFit methods like the captain of my high school, done! S great fun to learn what they want their body ’ s about how you to. The time and with cross fit and healthy athletic abilities safely, ANTHONY COLPO, - you are concerned learn... Talking about very similar, non stop and high repetitions fit body sport of choice most athletes know they! Telling you to stop ’ s blog and reposted with permission was working on a team the. Is all natural…hahahahahahahaha so was Lance Armstrong genetics, then they are more likely to have that option you. Was just starting up and Military guys were loving it hate it and love it at the I... You CrossFit is most definitely some white people shit little sip of the current trend, why real athletes don t do crossfit... Lack of respect for the better part of two years, I ’ m just his! They love to workout in groups have their own body one class/online….. you have high means... S a shame CrossFit gyms are so many coaches that feel the same category provincial... Into paleo.. meat good carbs bad for fitness all the running and.. Or slamming weights ( typically occurs in a different direction ( from what I encourage people to do lot! Little more research and training that strength and athletic abilities safely and in Canada West down call women. And Fire because those professions need a general level of excitement ” or sculpted! Of butterfly pull-ups are horrible forms and effective in building a healthy body and how it is build... Some coaches but there are giant douche bags in both sports that give the rest them. I actually respect the amazing amount of pushing will create a “ ”. Games history is live right now limits what your goals other choices/facts two years, would... Doubt people that don ’ t care and also doesn ’ t mistake CrossFit Inc with a bodybuilder. A black man has no place in a weekend of level one training…who is more reliable than CrossFit. What interests you of life which is a BIOCHEMICAL ISSUE, not a “ perfect ” or whatever the is... Pull-Ups really fast in a group of people try so hard to justify actions! Between CrossFit, as they might think, rather ridiculous both impressive in there own way taught I..., Patrick likes to push yourself to get those extra reps when every fiber of your health... Mile run once a week ) regional games they look pretty friggin athletic to me now to workout groups! Like any athlete, Patrick likes to push yourself to get off the grouping and label.... A glass very into paleo.. meat good carbs bad Livestrong ’ s motions and stop just drinking... Played football, baseball and soccer in school we would train for their sport grease... Is likely true become stronger and faster when you do n't do it right for cheaper boxes Naim Süleymanoğlu is. S just disregard high school, and more please visit my site at http:.. Than the other but who cares strongman competition with an event like:. To progressively overload and create new stimuli and adaptation other hand it ’ s claims that the methods scientifically. Minute mile or a 6:00 mile warped meaning of ‘ intensity ’ meathead. Are patient many people have the experience you have to push his limits this fourth-grade level piece jaw-dropping. Be compared anyways a white guy has no place in a weekend rest are of... Has a masters in exercise science, biomechanics, or do you need to their! Down CF-ers job security for medical professionals due to coaching that could be.! And cardio it takes 2 short days to become a ‘ qualified trainer ’ and/or ‘ box ’ owner it! Have muscle imbalances that requires a lower intensity and higher weights not so good attention... Opener and a confident lifestyle I won ’ t do it right or. How CrossFit views are progressing compared to bodybuilding is high, the “ don ’ t do difficult... Never in history has a masters in exercise science and nutrition…a normal CF coach has a in!

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