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Place the pot in a plastic bag and expose it to indirect sunlight. When sabal palms are left untouched, their crown naturally attains a round silhouette. Cutting a representative seed in half may reveal any early rot or desiccation problems. Also known as red palm or red sealing wax palm, lipstick palm (Cyrtostachys renda) is appropriately named for its distinctive, bright red fronds and trunk. Right? However, a good trim after flowering stimulates the plant to produce more blooms. In its natural tropical environment, the plant is epiphytic, surviving by attaching itself to trees or other plants. Place the pot in a plastic bag and expose it to indirect sunlight. So the pot size can be 6-8 inches tall. Mist the leaves once or twice a week. It is threatened in some areas due to reduction of lowland forests. When to Prune Lipstick Plant Prune lipstick plant after the plant stops flowering. It is advised by some to place the pot in a plastic bag to increase humidity, which this plant, and most plants love, but I didn't do that and my cuttings rooted, though it did take them at least a month I'd say. Easily by seeds: Collect some seeds, best fresh seeds that will germinate between 1-4 months. This warm climate tree prefers year round temperatures between 75 and 85 F. (24-29 C.).

, that palm must have survived.we watered this palm initially 3 to 4 days we water it alternate days & only in the . It is best to propagate palm plants in the spring. Cut just above a leaf or leaf node to remove about one third of length from stems that have bloomed, or from all stems. I love lipstick plants, and my relative gave me a cutting of hers. Frangipanis are quite easy to grow from a cutting. | Check online or in a gardening guide to confirm that the plant you want to propagate can grow from cuttings. Be sure the plant receives plenty of bright light, but protect it from hot, direct light. Lipstick Palm – Foliage and Crown Shaft. } else {